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Content/Developmental Editing
Fiction & Non-fiction



Have no fear. Goochwords can help you achieve your novel dreams. 

Goochwords is available for any project, short or extensive. Heavy content editing is a specialty. Goochwords also provides basic grammar, punctuation and spelling oversight.

I am particularly interested in working with first-time authors, providing content/developmental editing in a supportive, nonjudgmental tone. I pride myself in maintaining the author’s voice while also making sure every scene advances the story, timelines are accurate, sentence structure is professional or adheres to the book's style and the desired impact is felt by the reader or e-book listener. I have experience with multi-volume novels.

Whether you need a literary fiction or non-fiction content edit, a full re-write, a PowerPoint review, a ghostwriter or a quick “tightening up of the text,” I’m here for you.

All project costs are affordable and negotiable.

My favorite hint:

Go through your entire piece and remove the word “that.”

Content Editing
Fiction & Non-fiction
Website Review



I have a BA in Writing & Editing from City University of New York, graduating magna cum laude. My work experience includes editing for first-time fiction and non-fiction authors; writing and editing book reviews for Publishers Weekly (literary fiction, romance novels, golf books); editing for B2B newsletters, Hunter College Office of Publications and various bloggers. I have created award-winning marketing pitches and coached presenters. I gained great satisfaction from helping many nonprofit organizations achieve their goals by writing and editing grants, websites, annual reports, brochures, and appeal letters. I have also ghostwritten speeches for CEOs.

In my first career I was a professional singer and actress in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Australia and the Far East. Two special credits include the National Touring Company of Les Miserables and the world premiere of The Who’s Tommy at the La Jolla Playhouse. 

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Trisha's patience, compassion and tough love made my book possible. Without her prodding and encouragement, it may never have happened.

JR Strayve, Jr.
Braxton's Century, Volumes I & II

First Spouse of the United States
I have just released my book "Demystifying Fundraising Funnels" with amazing endorsements. It is because of Trisha and Goochwords. Without her, the quality and response to the book would have been very different. I highly recommend Goochwords for manuscript editing. It's the best choice!

David Higgins
Demystifying Fundraising Funnels
A Digital Marketing Blueprint To Fund Your Non-Profit


Trisha Gooch is the best reader/editor/advisor I've known in more than 25 years as a professional writer in multiple genres. She helps my work be what it should be, despite my foibles, including arrogance. I whole heartedly endorse and I hope all emerging writers will consider letting Trisha make it better.

Tony Phillips 
The Fires of Orc
The Prince of Piedra Plana: A West Texas Tale


Relying on Trisha to correct and encourage content and structure freed me up and made me much more productive. Her firm but inspiriting tone allowed me to focus on who I am in the material.

Thom Culcasi
Food Blogger


Thank you to my editor, Trisha Gooch, for helping me tighten up the prose, and for giving me the confidence to publish this book independently.


D. Hollis Anderson

Genesis Echo Book 1: Monomyth


​​My co-author and I would like to thank our content editor,

Trisha Gooch, for her kind yet disciplined contribution to

"Broken Promises."  [Her] 'Steel Magnolias' contribution to ensuring we effectively communicated my story has proven invaluable.


Lt. Col. Ted Blickwedel

Broken Promises





Describe your project briefly and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, Trisha.

Thanks for submitting!


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